Dermal Filler

What is a Dermal Filler treatment?

Dermal Fillers are used to address the loss of volume that is common in facial skin due to the natural reduction of collagen and hydration that happens over time. Collagen gives your skin ‘bounce’ and over time the percentage of collagen in skin reduces, causing it to sag and develop deep folds and creases. Collagen naturally occurs in the body and is slowly re-absorbed over time, thus the filler molecules mimic natural compounds found within the supporting matrix of the skin. Being Allergan approved, we exclusively use Surgiderm, Juvederm and the Juvederm premium range of fillers for your treatment, ensuring you have the most refined and natural treatment result

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How much does this cost?

Juvederm (Ultra 3 & 4)

£250 1ml Syringe

Juvederm Vycross ( Voluma or Volift)

£300 1ml Syringe

Package deal

2 syringes Ultra £225 each 1ml
2 Syringes Vycross £270 each 1ml

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